Koya Nkrumah

I am an African woman who grew up in Ghana and the UK and currently work as a manager in the office machinery and supply industry. I have journaled for years my experiences and always been encouraged by the opportunity to share ideas with others and learn from their experiences. My encounters with friends and working with people from diverse backgrounds has given me insight into different ways of thinking and problem solving.

I currently reside in Buckinghamshire UK – I am an aunt to an adventurous nephew and intelligent niece and her pet rabbit. I love reading, cooking, discovering new music, writing amongst other things I find pleasure in. I love chatting to my friends and strangers alike – you can always find me playing devil’s advocate to get different views on whatever is being discussed.


Why I am blogging

Being a woman always come with its challenges and being an African woman comes with some particular challenges that are linked to our culture, religion, society’s expectations and the patriarchal system common in our environment. I believe it’s about time to talk about these issues openly with a view of rethinking some of these ideologies and finding new solutions to dealing with them.

Be who you needed when you were younger


“Be who you needed when you were younger” is one of the quotes that has forever changed my life. There is a lack of mentoring in our culture and the narratives of our media and several social commentaries do not help in building a positive image of females. 

I have always been drawn to the art of storytelling and using it as a tool to effect change in my world. I therefore created this platform to openly encourage discourse on these issues and how change can be effected by rethinking them from diverse perspectives.

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