Can’t believe it’s been a year already – a massive thank you for all your support!!!

The year 2020 was a challenging year for the whole world and I was no exception  – while we all shielded from the COVID-19 virus, I was forced to face myself and address issues I had ignored for years. As I went through the self reflection in lockdown, I decided to see a therapist after a friend shared with me how helpful her sessions with her therapist had been. It was during these sessions that I rekindled a long lost love for writing and story telling – and while I loved to journal, I was not really using it as a tool to reach others who may be suffering in silence. So I decided to start a blog to air issues that bothered me and people I know – so we could start to openly discuss these issues that no one wanted to talk about but affected many at the same time.

And boy, what a journey the last year has been! When I started writing, I was not sure who my audience was going to be – but I was determined to use this outlet to be a voice for the many silent voices out there who for whatever reason are not able to voice out their issues, concerns, pain and experiences. I chose honesty and openness in my first blog post – and I am so glad I did, in being vulnerable with my readers, many found their voice in my vulnerability and started sharing their experiences. I have been so humbled by the responses I have received and the feedback from all over the world. I have grown so much – and have come to realise that regardless of culture, location, race, gender, religion or whatever divides us, when it comes to how we feel in the face of injustice and social oppression, we are all hurt!

Regardless of culture, location, race, gender, religion or whatever divides us, when it comes to how we feel in the face of injustice and social oppression, we all hurt!

Koya Nkrumah

So, I wanted to use this post to say thank you very much for your support in the last year –  for reaching out to find out if I was ok on days I was unable to post, to sharing your experiences and coming for me when you did not agree with my views – lol. I appreciate it all because all the differences in views has helped me see the world differently and helped me understand people a bit more. For those of you who reached out sharing your experiences, I understand how dangerous sending those messages were for some of you and how difficult it was for you to open up and be vulnerable with someone you did not know. I am so humbled that you have chosen to give ear to my musings and chosen to share your experiences as well as your views to ensure that the narratives on here are balanced.

A few months ago, I was not sure I was making any impact and was feeling a bit deflated – I still wrote anyway and that particular post generated more traffic to my site than any post. The turning point for me that week was when a reader reached out and asked me why I was asking women to behave like men – for me, that one statement highlighted why I needed to continue to use this platform to share our experiences and push for the narratives to be more balanced. Because, in all honesty, I have never asked anyone to behave any different from being thier true authentic self. In the face of all the oposition I have faced in writing mine and others’ experiences, I think I will be right in saying that these posts have encouraged dialogues that would have otherwise been brushed aside and someone suffering silently – so more than anything, I choose to celebrate today. And I encourage all you brave people out there who have shared your stories through this medium to join me in celebrating as well as the many readers of this blog.

Once again, thank you very much for always taking the time to read, like, comment and follow my blog. I could not have made it this year without you and owe it all to you! A big thank you to my family and friends for supporting and encouraging me – I love you all! I look forward to the next year of continuing to share our experiences and to new ways of sharing our stories. Thank you again and let’s continue to effect the change we need by sharing our experiences.


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