Thank you for your support!

In September 2020, I bared my sould to the world by writing my first blog on how I was feeling – I never expected the response I got back. Like me, many people were going through similar things and they were realising that they were not alone. The journey from that one post has been a roller coaster of a ride – through the ups and downs, one emotion has been constant, gratitude!

I am grateful that I can share my experiences and inspire someone across the globe to do the same in hopes that we will help someone in the same situation make better choices than we did. I am so thankful for the trust that my cherished readers have for me to curate their experinces – this is truly humbling.

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I have had days when I felt I was not reaching anyone – but I would get a message from a reader that would prove me wrong. Just last week, I had a reader message me on one of my social media platforms. When I asked how I may help, they simply answered that they wanted to say hello from Bhutan! Wow.We exchanged pleasantries and continued with our day!

2022 has not been an easy year – there were many plans I had for this blog, however, `I have grown enought to realise that it is okay to rest when tired and not to quit. My plans are still there for me to implement when I am able to – I am simply taking life one day at a time and I will encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for your support, for the shares, likes, comments, sharing your experinces and simply saying hello – I would not be celebrating two years without you! I truly appreciate you all and I look forward to another year of sharing our experinces to effect the change we need.

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